Best Mirror Dash Cam of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Mirror Dash Cam of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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A mirror dash cam is a must have if you want a camera you can install away from public view. Only you’ll know that you’re not only taking casual glances of the road in your rear-view mirror but also recording any suspicious driving activities.

However, the one you pick must capture images clearly as you drive. If it can record a larger portion of the surroundings, even better. Not sure where to begin?

Have a look at our best mirror dash cam recommendations below as we outline their most impressive features and where they best excel.

Comparison Chart

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66″

Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Lens 5.5 IPS Touch Screen

AUTO-VOX T2 Backup Camera Kit

Jeemak Mirror Dash Cam Cars 1080P Full HD

Best Mirror Dash Cam Reviews

1. TopGuard Mirror Dash Cam

This mirror dash cam from TopGuard ticks all the right boxes where affordability and performance are concerned. Want to use it to record driving moments or as a surveillance camera—maybe both? You decide—it’s possible.


One of its major draw cards is its ability to offer simultaneous real time recording during your drive. You can capture footage from all angles thanks to a front and rear camera. With a resolution of 1080P, images will be shown clearly in full HD—during the day or at night. 

What’s more is the video is displayed with clarity on the 7” touch screen –especially when viewed laterally. Because it has a user-friendly interface it’s easier to operate compared to using a cam with manual controls. 

Full memory won’t stop it from recording; rather it overrides the oldest footage to ensure continuous recording. 

With regards to installation, you’ll appreciate that the front camera is pretty easy to install and detaches when needed. Simply attach it with the rubber straps provided. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the rear cam which is a bit complex to mount. 

The reversing camera kit is a brilliant feature designed to aid you when reverse parking. However, unfortunately the “guides” overlay the video thereby obstructing the view. It would have been ideal if it was designed in a less obtrusive manner, so you can clearly see where the car is reversing into. 

Also, it would be great if the rear camera was placed on a swivel mount so that it’s adjustable.


  • check
    Outstanding video quality
  • check
    Front cam easy to install
  • check
    Wide screen for clear view


  • Limited memory
  • Rear cam difficult to install

2. Chicom Mirror Dash Cam

With this brand you’ll have to part with slightly more cash, but its versatility makes it worth it. Like the TopGuard, this dash cam also comes with a front and rear camera to record from more angles. 


What’s different about this cam is the display screen is much bigger compared to the brand reviewed above. With an impressive screen size of 9.66”, it covers more angles meaning you can see more traffic details. 

The entire road ahead is captured with ease thanks to the 170° field of view this camera offers. You have a better chance of capturing any number plates with clarity when the need arises. 

What also sets this mirror dash cam apart is its impressive night time picture quality. The back camera features a six layer glass lens designed to greatly enhance night time vision—especially when you’re reversing. An integrated high end sensor also reduces over-exposure, further enhancing the image quality of the back camera. 

Another impressive feature is the built in G sensor designed to automatically lock the recorded video in the event of a collision. This means the video won’t be over written—even if the loop record function is on. 

When not using it to record driving footage, it serves as a surveillance camera offering 24 hour monitoring when your car is parked. 

Generally, this is an outstanding camera with impressive video quality. Our only major issue is the limited storage space. It would have been ideal if it came with more than 32GB memory. Also, it would be better if the videos were saved showing the date and time.


  • check
    Easy to install
  • check
    Images super clear
  • check
    Works well at night


  • Overly sensitive parking monitor
  • Rear camera is not waterproof

3. Azdome Mirror Dash Cam

Those looking for a budget friendly mirror dash cam which doesn’t sacrifice functionality will appreciate this model from Azdome.


Like the two models reviewed above it also as a front and rear recording camera. The only difference is unlike the Chicom which has a 140° angle rear camera, this one has a 120° camera. Nonetheless, the coverage is still impressive. 

One of its unique features is the rear view mirror is made with superior high transmittance material. Not only does the material blend with the car but its anti -glare properties means you can view traffic with ease. This functionality compensates the relatively small 5.5” screen where image display is concerned. 

You’ll appreciate that this dash cam is pretty easy to use. You can navigate between the two display screens with one switch button or turn it off completely. 

For such a low priced model, you’ll find the night vision quite impressive. This is because it has a six layer high resolution lens to enhance night time viewing. Some people find it performs much better than mirror dash cams from other brands –particularly in low and back light conditions. 

It’s not as difficult to install but you’re less likely to find the manual useful because it doesn’t offer detailed instructions.


  • check
    Excellent night vision
  • check
    Easy to install
  • check
    Highly responsive touch screen


  • Manual too brief
  • Screen not as wide
  • Only uses class 10 SD card and above

4. Auto Vox T2 Backup Camera Kit

Here we have a mirror dash cam on the higher end of the price range from the professional manufacturer Auto Vox. Quality and performance are among its top selling points and that’s why it’s on our list of recommendations.


Performance of this mirror dash cam isn’t affected by weather—particularly rain—because it’s waterproof. Not only can you view the road clearly when it’s raining, but it’s also designed to help decrease blind spots especially when reversing. 

Another of its draw cards is the impressive night vision. It shows high definition parking images even in the dark. This is largely because it has six LED lights and a high definition image processor. 

It also automatically shows you the parking image when you select the reverse gear to allow for easier parking. Also, unlike other dash cams this one is compatible with a number of vehicles including Toyota and Honda. This is thanks to the OEM design created to blend in with the interior decor of most cars. 

Another of its unique features is its auto adjusting brightness functionality. Though the 4.3” screen size is smaller than the other cams reviewed here, you can still view clear pictures depending on the environment’s lighting. 

We’d however change the length of the cable which is a bit short making it difficult to reach the mirror. Also, the screw set provided for installation won’t suffice. It would have been ideal if it came with additional sealant to keep it securely in place.


  • check
    Waterproof rear camera
  • check
    Eliminates blind spots
  • check
    Comes with trim removal kit


  • Positional grid not adjustable
  • Cable too short
  • Sun affects picture quality

5. Jeemak Mirror Dash Cam

This is the cheapest dash cam on the list for those working on a budget. However, Jeemak is well known for producing affordable but quality products and this model is no exception.


Its simple but classic design is what drew us to this product. Because of its minimalistic design, the interface is pretty easy to operate. 

Thanks to the IPS technology utilized on this device, it’ll provide you with a wide viewing angle, so you see clear pictures regardless of your viewing angle. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the back camera. It would have been better if it also had a wider field of view. 

What’s different about this mirror dash cam is the front camera still works even if the rear cam isn’t mounted. 

Also, you’ll appreciate that this cam stores videos with the dates included for easier reference in case of a dispute. Plus, it also captures the sounds with clarity at all times. 

It’s pretty easy to install thanks to the three rubber straps provided for a secure fit. If you happen to face any challenges during mounting, simply make use of the user manual provided.


  • check
    Easy to navigate
  • check
    Stealth design
  • check
    Large display screen


  • Short battery life
  • Low resolution for rear camera
  • No separate playback folders


If we were to pick one, then we’ll go with the Azdome mirror dash cam. Though it’s one of the cheaper brands, it offers the best night vision of all five cams. In addition, it’s very easy to install and use which is a bonus—if you’re new to using these, you’ll still get it right.