Dash Camera Know How: Where to Install Dash Cams

Dash Camera Know How Where to Install Dash Cams
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Knowing where to install dash cam is one of the most critical questions that you need to ask once you’ve purchased your dash camera. Mounting it in the wrong place can not only obstruct your view while driving, but it can also potentially cause your recordings to be off.

While the name dash cam might suggest that installing the camera on your dashboard is the best thing to do, there are also other places to install it, so you can start driving with additional protection. Here are the areas your dash cam can get installed.

Dashboard Installation

There are dash camera models that are best suited for dashboard installation; however, it’s typically recommended that you find other places to install your dash cam if it isn’t explicitly designed for the dashboard. If you mount a dash camera that should be installed on your rearview mirror or attached to the windshield, there’s a significant chance that you can obstruct the view of the camera, and even decrease safety.

Windshield Installation

Other downfalls to installing your dash cam on the dashboard are the fact that they become quite visible to other drivers. Discretion is essential when it comes to dash cams. Not only can the equipment be targeted by thieves, but it can also cause people to be more cautious around you. While caution is the ult