Dash Camera Know How: Where to Install Dash Cams

Dash Camera Know How Where to Install Dash Cams
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Knowing where to install dash cam is one of the most critical questions that you need to ask once you’ve purchased your dash camera. Mounting it in the wrong place can not only obstruct your view while driving, but it can also potentially cause your recordings to be off.

While the name dash cam might suggest that installing the camera on your dashboard is the best thing to do, there are also other places to install it, so you can start driving with additional protection. Here are the areas your dash cam can get installed.

Dashboard Installation

There are dash camera models that are best suited for dashboard installation; however, it’s typically recommended that you find other places to install your dash cam if it isn’t explicitly designed for the dashboard. If you mount a dash camera that should be installed on your rearview mirror or attached to the windshield, there’s a significant chance that you can obstruct the view of the camera, and even decrease safety.

Windshield Installation

Other downfalls to installing your dash cam on the dashboard are the fact that they become quite visible to other drivers. Discretion is essential when it comes to dash cams. Not only can the equipment be targeted by thieves, but it can also cause people to be more cautious around you. While caution is the ultimate point of having a dash cam, keeping them out of immediate sight can help you to record authentic actions during an incident or collision.

Windshield Installation

The windshield is by far the most popular place for installing a dash camera. Regardless of if you’re using double adhesive tape or a suction mount, the windshield is a suitable spot for installation. You do need to be careful where you install the camera because you want to ensure that you aren’t obstructing your view while driving.

When it comes to the windshield, it’s always best to install your camera right in the center of the windshield, and directly behind the rearview mirror. That specific area is already blocked because of the mirror itself, so you don’t need to worry about blocking your view further.

Make sure that you take the time to install the camera, and test it out before you hit the road with it. You don’t want to drive with a low view angle, and making sure that your view covers all of the road is what’s going to give you the most protection.

Where to Install a Dual Dash Cam

If you are installing a double dash camera, in most cases, the same rules apply for your standard dashboard cameras. You can mount them on your windshield; however, you need to keep in mind that unless your dual lens allows you to rotate enough to fit beneath your rearview mirror, you might need to install it lower than where a dash cam gets usually gets positioned.

Alternatively, you can mount it on your dashboard. Many dual dash cameras that don’t come with rotating lens’ should be installed on the dash panel. It might not be the most discreet place to install it, but it does make sure that you get an unobstructed view from both the front and rear view.

What’s Needed to Install a Dash Cam

If neither of those options works for you, there are also rearview mirror cameras that you can purchase. Many of these are dual cameras, and they clip over your rearview mirror. They don’t take up any additional space, nor do they interfere with your use of the mirror itself.

What’s Needed to Install a Dash Cam

There are two options to install your dash cam once you’ve chosen where to put it. You can either use a suction mount or adhesive tape. Suction mounts typically require more space than their adhesive counterparts, but they are more reliable and limit the bounce back that you might see on your recordings.

If opting for adhesive tape, make certain that you have chosen precisely where you want the camera to be, as the tape is very difficult to remove and can only get used once.


Now that you know where to install dash cam, you can make the choice that is most appropriate for you. What suits one driver, might not be suitable for you. Take your time and thoroughly inspect your car.

If you have a suction mount, it’s always best to try out different places, so you can examine multiple views before choosing your final install place. The positioning of your dash cam is going to play a major role in the footage that you obtain from your dash camera, so you want to ensure that you get it in the right place, and the right angle.